Changelog Darkkat


• Update Android to KTU84Q
• Custom bootanimation
• Add dk release type to the package name
• Change the package name to:
  e.g.: dk-4.4.4-20140909-RELEASE-hammerhead
• DKUpdater extension for DashClock
• Update spanish translations

• Bring back: "Show name of package currently being dex optimized"

Power menu:
• Add soft reboot to reboot menu

• Option to allow all widgets

• Custom airplane mode icon color
• Battery text/icon charge animations, and text color fix, (On QS, too):
  • Charge animation for battery text, (text only)
  • Charge animation for battery icon, (icon normal and mini)
  • Charge animation speed, (No animation, Slow, Normal and fast)
  • Fix: Use text color green for battery status 90% and above, if custom hight color is disabled
• Always show the battery status text while charging,
  (except charging animation or battery text is disabled)

Statusbar expanded notification drawer:
• Weather:
  • Enable/disable weather
  • Weather style:
    • Weather panel
    • Weather text bar
  • Weather panel top bar
    • Location, (on the left)
    • 3 buttons on the right, (refresh, collapse and weather settings)
    • Custom icon colors
  • Weather icons:
    • Monochrome
    • Colored
    • VClouds
  • Option to use a custom location instead of the location service
  • Option to show/hide the location on the panel/bar
  • Option to show/hide the humidity on the panel
  • Option to show/hide the winds on the on the panel
  • Option to show/hide the refresh timestamp on the panel
  • Option to use metric units
  • Custom refresh interval
  • Weather panel click actions:
    • Top bar settings button:
      • Weather settings
      • Weather settings: Options
      • Weather settings: Click actions
      • Weather settings: Colors
    • Weather panel (left panel, condition image and right panel):
      • Custom click actions (normal- and long click):
        • Custom app/action
        • Refresh weather
        • Weather settings
        • Weather settings: Options
        • Weather settings: Click actions
        • Weather settings: Colors
        • Nothing
  • Custom background color
  • Custom background pressed color
  • Option to colorize all weather condition images
  • Weather condition image color
  • Text color

Quick settings:
• Add remote display tile

• Custom header text color
• Add custom card background color

Heads up:
• Rework:
  • Remove blacklist and do not disturb feature
  • Remove enable/disable heads up, (in general)
  • Remove own custom time out for full screen
  • Remove Heads up tile
  • Add a per app based enable/disable heads up feature
    (Heads up is disabled by default for all apps,
    to enable Heads up for an app,
    long click on its notification (in the drawer),
    or at System settings -> Apps -> App details)
  • Change time out values, (never, 2-, 4-, 6-, 8-, 10-, 20- or 40 seconds)
  • Add an option to use the choosed time out value for full screen, too
  • Add Heads up snooze function
  • Add support for apps with native Heads up support

Volume panel colors:
• Background
• Icon

• Non intrusive incall ui: fix glow pad layout

• Use the nice colorful LetterTileDefaultImages
• Use a card-based UI
• Add native Heads up support
• Disable SplitActionBar

• Darkkat OTA Updates
• Status bar expanded background:
  • Update color picker dialog
• Root list:
• Custom icon color
• Custom category text color
• Custom title text color
• Custom switch text colors
• Make mobile settings as first-class citizen optional
• About Phone/Tablet:
  • Show the dk release type at "DarkKat version"
  • Don`t display DarkKat at "DarkKat version"

App Updates:
• Calculator
• cLock
• CMFileManager
• DSPManager
• Launcher3
• PerformanceControl