Changelog Darkkat



• Change from an per update related changelog to a general changelog
• Allways fetch the changelog to show the newest changelog
• Remove displaying the changelog by clicking on the available updates
• Add a changelog preference:
  • Open changelog depending on the selected update channel, (release- and beta channel)
  • Open a dialog to choose the release- or beta changelog to show (all channel)
• If the system language is set to german, show a german version of the changelog,
  otherwise show the english version
• Add a menu entry to show the next planned changes
• Updated spanish translations

Heads up:

• Added an option to show heads up at the bottom of the screen

Slim Recents:

• Added an option to show topmost task:
  • Show/hide the topmost task on the recents panel
  • Allways show the topmost task collapsed
• Add custom header background color


• Custom display off animations


• Show application`s package name in the "App info" screen
• Move preferences:
  • (Interface) More...:
    • List view to Display settings
    • Volume dialog to Sound settings
  • Sound settings:
    • Volume panel style to Sound settings -> Volume dialog
• Display settings:
  • Renamed list view to animations
• Fixed german translation:
  • Settings -> Root list -> Account icons
• Slim Recents:
  • Add missing german translation
• Updated spanish translations
• Updated german translations