Power menu:
• Advanced reboot:
  ∗ Rename Reboot (soft) to Quick reboot

• Network tile: Fixed xxhdpi icons

Status bar:
• Notification count:
  ∗ Use CyanogenMods notification count overlay drawables
• Battery status: Fix frame transparency:
  ∗ Always use a transparency of 60% for the frame color,
    (Icon frame, ring frame and text only frame (charge animation),
    to match with the network icons and new battery bar frame.
• Battery bar: Option to show the frame
• Battery bar: Change color of low battery status from ffff0000 to ffff3300 (brighter red)
• Double tap to sleep
• Clock improvements
  (no visible changes)
• Option to show the clock on lockscreen

Navigation bar:
• Text navigation

Status/Navigation bar background:
• Don`t restart SystemUI on color change
• The color for the opaque status should always be 100% opaque

• Battery status: Frame:
  ∗ update the custom frame color "checkbox" summary
  ∗ update the custom frame color "color picker" title
• Battery bar: (Position) Rename "Statusbar" to "Top of statusbar"
• Move preferences:
  ∗ Status bar: New preference screen "Gestures"
  ∗ Status bar: Moved "Brightness control" to "Gestures"
• Status/Navigation bar background:
  ∗ Fixed the color preview and summary after color was fixed
• Statusbar, Gestures: Update "Brightness control" checkbox on the fly:
  ∗ Enable/disable and update the summary on automatic brightness mode change
• Updated spanish translations

• Mms:
  ∗ Show the notification count on multiple notifications in the status bar
• Updates:
  ∗ Calculator, (CM)
  ∗ CMFileManager, (CM)
  ∗ LockClock, (CM)
  ∗ PerformanceControl, (OmniRom)